Monday, September 13, 2010

Microsoft Gets Aggressive

Well sort of.

As you already know, Windows Phone 7 series phones are just around the corner, and with that Microsoft has started to gear up their advertising for this new series of phones. But what you might not know is that Microsoft over the weekend decided to kick it up a notch with an all out iPhone funeral and a Thriller dance.

Well technically, this event wasn’t intended to be a marketing ploy. According to an update to the story, Microsoft’s communications VP Frank Shaw, stated that these kinds of parties are common in the tech community and are designed to let employees blow off steam. Thus this aggressive display wasn’t intended to be seen publically.

I just have one question then? What happened to the good old days, when you would rent out a bar or dining hall and bring your employees out to dinner or dancing? Perhaps I’m just a little behind the times, but I would much prefer a standard dinner to having to work on choreography to perform an elaborate dance routine. I have to wonder if Microsoft is really trying to soften the blow so that they don’t look so aggressive. Aka Microsoft knew this would become public but they don’t want to publicly seem so aggressive, which a good idea is by the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to see Microsoft be more aggressive, but to public state that your phone is the iPhone killer is a really bold statement which you have to deliver on. If Windows Phone 7 is not on par with the iPhone in any way, it would fall below consumer expectations and would be seen as a disaster even if the phone was a really good phone. The fact that Frank Shaw came out to state that this was simply an employee event was a good idea, at least in my opinion. So what about you?


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