Thursday, April 5, 2007

X Box 360's Hard Drives Overpriced

2old2play is reporting that Microsoft has responded to complaints that the X Box 360's hard drives are too expensive. In their response they have stated that:

"We know it is expensive and we have definitely heard that feedback but it is a little apples and oranges to compare it to internal PC hard drives because those are off the shelf drives that you have to install yourself. There is a lot of work there for your average consumer it is not a plug in and play experience for them"

This is complete garbage. I bought a 200 GB external hard drive last year for about $130 CAD at Best Buy. And all the work involved in setting it up was to plug in the A/C adaptor and the USB cable to the computer. XP did the rest, by auto detecting it and installing drivers. These guys must have been smoking something pretty strong if they believe that we are really going to except this as a valid excuse for overpricing their hardware. It is bad enough that they sell their wireless adapter for about $130 CAD ($100 US). But then again, maybe not too many people complained about that and so now they feel that they can overprice their stuff elsewhere. I really hope these guys come around on this issue, or they may find a lot more left over hard drives kicking around their warehouses.

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