Saturday, April 7, 2007

Joost Invite

Hey guys. I just received my invite for Joost, and it is looking pretty good. I have had some issues with slow down so far, but it might just be issues with my Internet connection. I hope to give a more in depth review of Joost much later.


  1. Any invites to spare? :-) would be much appreciated..

    rhogan *at* gmail dot. com

  2. No sorry. They haven't given me any invites yet, but I will send you one as soon as I get some.

  3. Hey Chris ... do u have any invites now, if yes then plz spare me one. i would like to try Joost.
    praful UNDERSCORE gupta AT yahoo DOT com

  4. No still no invites. I'm not sure when they will send me some. I've had Joost for about 2 weeks and they still haven't sent me any yet. But, if they do you will be second on my list to send an invite to.

  5. Hello Chris--I believe that Joost has opened up its doors a bit and now allows current users to invite an unlimited number of people. Any chance you could pass one along? It would make my day.

    jeffy34 |at|