Sunday, April 1, 2007

Is the Digg Effect Over?

Tonight as I was reading through articles on Digg, I happened to come across the article entitled "Is Digg Broken Beyond Repair?". In this article, the writer talks about the need for Digg to get fixed, as the site seems to be dominated by a small number of users. And, I have to say that I agree with him. I was just the other day thinking about how Digg has slowly over the last couple of weeks been losing its appeal. It seems that the same stories always make it to the top and many of the front page stories aren't that interesting to me. It could just be a slow news period or it could be signs of a broken system.

Now, can I lay the whole burden of this on the guys at Digg? Probably not. Part of it is the way that we use Digg. I remember early on when I went to Digg, I would read a story and then automatically "digg it". So, maybe as users we need to be more choosy with what we digg, since I probably was not the only one digging every story they read. Then again, maybe the guys at digg could give us an option of allowing some diggs to be more weighted than others. Kind of like a rating system, where we could say this is article should be on the front page. Then again maybe that was what the "My #1" feature was meant for. What do you think?