Thursday, April 26, 2007

Record Labels may get rid of DRM in Six Months

Ars Technica is reporting that record labels may get rid of DRM on music with in six months. Apparently record label execs are beginning to see that DRM is hurting (and not helping), the record industry since it has created problems with interoperability between players and services. This is good news for us the consumers, since if DRM is removed from all of the music we purchase, we no longer need to worry if or music will still play if we decide to move to a different service or device.

Although, I do disagree with Paul Jessop when he states that "removing DRM could pose a particular challenge because open formats often mean "free" to consumers used to pulling down MP3s from peer-to-peer networks." If the record industry produces content that people want, then people will pay for it. Will people pirate the DRM free music? Of course they will, since they are doing so with the DRMed music right now. Those people will not change if the DRM is removed, but what it does is allow their paying customers the ability to enjoy the music that they paid for hassle free and not turning them into criminals for using their music the way that they want to.

I sincerely, hope that DRM is dropped in six months.

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