Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vista Degrades Video Podcasts. Particularily Doesn't Like the Democracy Player.

I recently decided to go legit and picked up a copy of Windows Vista. But, one thing that I've noticed after installing it is that the quality of all the Video Podcasts that I watch has declined. Below is a image captured from the last episode of MacBreak (EP. 63), while running Quicktime happening even though it is an . If may you click on the picture you will notice that there is some pixelation happening even though it is a HD program.

But if I try to run the same video with the Democracy Player, it becomes so dark that you can't see anything.

Now, this could be an issue with the Democracy Player itself, but seeing that everything other Video Podcast that that is not shot in HD does not suffer from this "Darkening" I have to believe that it is Vista's DRM reacting to the Democracy Player. Then again maybe I'm wrong.

**Just a note I downloaded PixalPerfect from the Revision 3 network and found that It became very dark as well in Democracy, but not under Quicktime. Also, I'm using a slightly older monitor without a DVI connection.

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