Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Men to be spanked in new town is reporting that in the Shuangqiao district in China's Chongqing construction has begun on a new town that will be ruled by women. Apparently, men will have to obey women while in the area or face a judge that will be on hand, as well as, a "tip staff" that will punish men that disobey women.

All of this is designed to attract tourists, but I'm just wondering what guy would go to a town like this. I don't think a guy would enjoy, being pushed around by his wife or girlfriend or some local women. Then again, if we take a look around the internet, you can see that there are some guys clearly into being pushed around by women. Tourism officials believe that it will encourage men to be respectful of their wives, but I'm just not sure that message will get across. Also, I wonder what will happen if a guy begins to refuse to be punished. Will he go to Jail? I guess we will have to see what happens when guys start going there.

If anyone wants to read more there is also a article from China Daily that can be read here.

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