Wednesday, April 18, 2007

See Digg as a Tree Graph

The guys at Digg Graphr have come up with a website that allows you to view Digg as a tree graph. Now, I tried their site out for about a couple of hours today, and I have to say, that this site goes along way towards fixing the problems with Digg. In just a few seconds of scanning the table you can pick out stories from Digg that you are interesting in reading. I'm not sure what their algorithm for displaying articles is, but it seems to equally display upcoming stories and current front page stories equally. So, you are able to see what current stories you want to read and the upcoming stories that you are interested in at the same time.

Now, the graph only has the sections of "World News", "Programming", "Game News", "Movies" and "Music" right now, but if they expand it or give you the option of choosing what categories that you want to be displayed this could be the perfect way to search Digg. I hope that Digg buys this site off of these guys and incorporates it in to Digg.

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