Monday, July 14, 2008

Why I can't wait for Mega Man 9


As a kid, one of my most favorite game series was the Mega Man series of games.  From when I first got my NES gaming system I managed to get a hold of a used Mega Man 1 gaming cartridge, I've been hooked on Mega Man.  Buying all the Mega Man series games (etc. after Mega man 6 &7)  and the Mega Man X series on the Super Nintendo. 

So when it was announced that Capcom would be making Mega Man 9, it was a no brainer for me if I was going to buy it.  Now am I completely excited about the direction of the game?  Not everything.  I think they should have gone with at lest 64 bit graphics, since it now looks older than the last set of Mega Man games that have released on the DS and even for the Super Nintendo.  The sound should have been updated also.  But those things aside, Mega Man was always was about the game play and if they can deliver the old Mega man game play, I'm more than happy with that. 

Also, since this is only a download game, it should be a lot cheaper, which is a bonus for any fan of the original series.  As for anyone that isn't a fan, it might be a hard sell, but if it really takes off, maybe a non fan might give it a shot.

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