Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's up with RuinedIphone.com?

As you know a couple of week ago, ruinedIphone.com launched there online petition to get Rogers to change there data plan prices for the upcoming release of the Apple iPhone in Canada.  ruinedIphone.com has received a lot of attention for their online campaign with newspaper articles and News broadcasts picking up the story.  Even I wrote a Post for this petition and signed my name to it. 

Last week, it came out that oilchange.com has bought ruinedIphone.com and is planning to help the guys at ruinedIphone.com to continue there fight against Rogers.  Now this kind of makes me feel funny.  Not that I think that the guys at oilchange.com are bad guys, but I've never heard of an online petition or any type of protest site or group sell themselves to another company or organization before.  It doesn't feel right, even if the oilchange guys just stick to helping out.  Last week, I encouraged people to sign this petition and now there info belongs to another company.  (This doesn't sit well with me.) I personally would have felt more comfortable if the Oilchange guys had just given money to the site.  So I have to wonder, is there something about the site that the Oilchange guys want.  Is it the advertising they would get from the site, or the e-mail addresses?  Will we start receiving spam in our inboxes?  In truth, I don't know.  I would like to hope that these guys are all upstanding people who just wanted to help out. 

In all truth, I hope that the site's acquisition doesn't slow down any of the support that this campaign is getting and that people will continue to support it.  If we stop now, Rogers could still end up winning.  We would lose any hope of actually getting some measure of change in the cellular phone market, here in Canada.  So I've decided to try and be optimistic about the future of this campaign and that the guys at oilchange.com will not do anything nefarious with our data. 

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