Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Long Can the Wii last?

Ever since the Nintendo Wii debuted in November of 2006 it has been flying off store shelves at an unprecedented rate, so much so that even after a year after its release it is still rarely found on store shelves.  (Well that is depending on where you live.)  Seeing all this, the question keeps coming to me, "how long can this really last?"   After reading this article done by Kotaku I have to wonder. 

In the article, it talks about this rumor that the Xbox 360's spring dashboard update might allow users to use a new motion control that Microsoft is supposedly working on.   If we are this close to a motion controller from Microsoft, I have to wonder how long it will take before Microsoft can started swaying people to buy and Xbox 360 instead of a Nintendo Wii.  Or is it just to late for Microsoft?

In truth I'm not sure.  To think that casual gamers would change from wanting a Wii to wanting the more expensive Xbox 360 is probably unlikely.  But what if Microsoft released there controller with a price cut to the XBox 360 and some casual games.  Would people still want a Wii?  In truth, I'm not perfectly convinced they would, but then again I'm not completely sure either.  If Nintendo was to lose there only technical advantage over the other systems, would it be as desirable?  You have to wonder.

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