Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DC vs Mortal Kombat


Here is the latest trailer from DC vs Mortal Kombat coming out of DC.  Upon watching it I'm kind of left with one thought.  Has Mortal Kombat hit rock bottom?  When Mortal Kombat was first released it was a very popular video game.  I spent hours playing it in the Arcade and on the console.  It was a very fun and innovative video game for its time.  But, as the series went on it just became more and more crappy.  Not that it was terrible, but it wasn't what it use to be.  The series started to be more about gore and less about innovation, unlike the Street Fighter series that made a number of changes over the years.

So now as Mortal Kombat has been teamed up with DC for this new video game, you have to wonder if the developers are beginning to acknowledge that the franchise needs some spicing up.  Whether it will be as refreshing an experience as playing Marvel vs Capcom, we  will have to wait and see. I hope that it can be, I think they should shelf the series for a few years until they can bring in that level of innovation needed to save the series.  Then again, maybe its to late.

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