Sunday, August 30, 2009

FanExpo So Far

Hey guys.  I just got back a little while ago from my second day at the FanExpo and I had a blast.  It is by far the biggest that the convention has ever been and there is a lot of great stuff that is starting to show up at this Expo.  One being special previews of up coming Films and TV shows. 

Friday, I was able to sit into a preview for the upcoming Tron film that was just great.  From the limited stuff they showed I have great confidence in there vision for the movie.  Whether they will be able to achieve their vision for Tron we’ll have to decide when the film comes out. 

Today, I was able to see a preview for the next series of Heroes.  This season looks awesome.  I have always been a fan of the show, even as it did go down hill for a bit.  I do hope that the series will final start to get back to what made the show great in the first place.

In any case I hope to post a more thorough write up on Monday.  So till then, have a good week end.

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