Friday, October 30, 2009

Have a Good Weekend

Hey everyone I just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend.  (What ever you are celebrating.)  If its Halloween (which the majority probably will), or the Reformation of the church.  Be safe. 

I find myself in a funny place this weekend.  As I don’t celebrate Halloween for various reasons, but I have a friend whose birthday falls on this weekend and thus has insisted that I come out with her and some friends dressed up on Halloween.

This led me to a question.  Is it ok for me to dress up for Halloween?  The chief reason I don’t celebrate Halloween is do to my Christian beliefs and the way that Halloween started, as well as, the current way that it is celebrated.  Halloween, regardless of what people say about it, is still a festival celebrating the undead, etc..  And so it does cause me a bit of problem to have to go to a Halloween celebration this weekend.   

Do I go or stay at home?  I came to the decision to go.  Am I wrong in going?  I’m not sure.  I feel in many ways that it is ok for me to go since these celebrations are nothing and I feel that I could be a good influence and show love for my friend.   I know that me going is not a grave sin that is going to cause me to lose my salvation, nor do I believe that I am putting myself out there for severe punishment.  Its just what message I am sending that I worry about. 

And I know that some are probably reading this thinking that I’m taking these things way to seriously.  I probably am, but its always safe to be serious. 

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