Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seth Green freaks out on set!

I caught this little video as I was over at Digg this morning and I had to ask, what is up with all these celebrity freak out videos?   There seem to be more and more celebrity freak out videos hitting the net.  Are celebrities getting more angry or is this the way that it has always been?  

Maybe this speaks to the relationships that are forming on set.  I remember doing security in a building that a film was being shot and a cast member mentioning that he doesn’t even speak to the celebrities on the film, as he wanted to keep his job.   I do understand there needing to be a certain level of professionalism on set, but really, should someone fear losing there job if they try to strike up a conversion.  Really?

Well in any case, I hope that things change and we stop seeing these videos, since they really are non of our business.  These incidences started on set and they should be dealt with there.  We as the public don’t really need to know about this stuff, unless there is a great injustice occurring there, like someone gets fired for looking the wrong way at someone.  Its non of our business.

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