Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seeing the World in Chrome


Yesterday, Google released there new revolutionary browser called Google Chrome.  This new browser promises to be more stable and secure then the other previous browsers and has some new innovative features.  

The first thing that many users may notice from using this browser is that it is fast.   Several sites have tested Google chrome against the other major browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari) and found that it runs a lot fast.  ( if you want more details please read here.) 

The next thing that people will notice is the fact that Google Chrome still remains stable as more and more tabs get opened in the browser.  Earlier today, I had about 20-30 tabs open and it didn't even slow down in its performance.  Part of the way that this is done is that each tab actually generates a separate task in Task manager and thus, if one tab gets hung up it doesn't effect the rest of the browser.  (If you want more information on the features, etc.  there is a 38 page comic that you can read describing the browser, which you can read here.)

But one feature that I found had great promise is the Incognito Window. This window is designed to help protect your privacy, by not saving any cookies and not generating a log of any sites that you visit in the this window.  I really think that this idea is pretty cool,  and will definitely help those that live with others to hide their activities that they don't want them to some how stubble across. 

Now there a few negatives to this browser.  Firstly, it attempts to handle everything in the address bar including Google search.  I really prefer the way that Firefox handles search engines in a separate bar and allows you to on the easily switch between search engines in that same bar.  As far as I can tell there is no option for changing out search engines other than switching your default search engine.

Secondly, there are no add-ons.  Being a new browser there hasn't been any time for anyone to develop add-ons for this browser as yet.  But I do believe that time will bring in some add-ons, especially as people adopt this new browser.  (For a list of other known problems, please visit Google Chrome Help Center.)

Lastly, if you want to download Google Chrome you can find it here.  Enjoy.

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