Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So What if John McCain Called his Wife a 'Cunt'?

In the last couple of weeks, a story has been coming out that John McCain, called his wife a 'cunt' during a tv appearence.  The video posted below attempts to make light of it and actually encourages us to make this story news.  Which I don't think it should be.

Now I thought I should start by saying that I don't think John McCain was right in calling his wife a 'cunt'.  I don't think that it is the right way for a man to address his wife.  Having said that, the point still remains that it happened 16 years ago.  If it was last week he had said this or a few weeks ago, I would be able to see the need to talk about this, but 16 years after the fact, I think it's a little extreme.  If you don't believe that it was that long ago just click on the video, so that you can go the the YouTube page and read the info. 

Its time for the story to die. People say stupid things when they are mad or arguing.  We shouldn't be holding it against them, as it appears his wife hasn't.  So if she can move on, so should we.

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