Monday, June 30, 2008

All is not well in iPhone Heaven

After more than a year of waiting, it was finally announced by Rogers that they would be bringing the iPhone to Canada.  All appeared to be well with this announcement, as many people were excited to finally be able to get the iPhone in Canada.  But then, something went horribly wrong as the rate plans for this device were announced. (For anyone interested, here is the link to see what the rates are in your area of Canada.)

Although the rates are the same as those of AT&T, we Canadians will receive less talk time.  According to Fortune, we Canadians will receive "... third less calling time, half as many text messages, and puts a 750 MB cap on 3G data usage — with steep fees for users who go over their monthly limit.

This inequality that we Canadians have with our American counterparts has not been taken lightly by us Canadians, and has lead to an online petition that has gained a lot of attention from mainstream media. (renamed from (pardon the french)) launched its online petition to convince Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc.) to renegotiate Apple's contract with Rogers/Fido, by sending him an Open letter on July 11th, the day that the new iPhone releases.

Whether Steve Jobs will listen to this petition, I'm not to confident about it.  But I guess its worth a shot.  If on day 1, a lot of people run out and buy an iPhone at the high rates, I'm pretty certain we can kiss this petition good bye.  But if the reception is lukewarm for the iPhone, he might be more than welcome to listening to consumers. But in any case, if you would like to try and help out, just click on the image below and add your name to the petition, as I will add mine.

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