Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stephen Colbert For President

Editor & Publisher reported this week that Stephen Colbert stated that he will be running for President, to the delight of his fans.  The Colbert Report host, apparently has plans of not only running for president, but in running for the nomination for both parties, so that his fans could decide what party he should belong to.

Whether he will win or lose we can't be sure.  But the one thing that I know is that it would be a sad day in America if he were to win.  Now, I don't personally have anything against Stephen Colbert,  I actually find him to be quite funny.  But,  I feel that it would be sad to see someone elected on the share fact that he is a funny Comedian. 

Stephen Colbert's candidacy is an obvious joke that will boast his ratings etc., but in doing so would degrade the office of the presidency.  It is almost like the time Michael Moore ran ficus trees against unopposed senators during an election for his show "The Awful Truth".  All of these stunts only bring us all down, as these are our leaders.

I know that many of the people that seem to run are not high quality people, but they try there best.  And if we are not completely satisfied with who is running than it means that perhaps it is time that we ran for office ourselves and try to change the system and our country from the inside and not by always complaining about it from the outside.  Then again, that is what I think.  What do you think?

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