Monday, October 8, 2007

iPhone Mid- October

BetaNews this past week reported on a Digital Journal article that reported that Apple is planning to release the iPhone through Roger's Wireless mid-October.  The selling price for the phone (according to the article) will be a staggering $799, which puts it $400 over its US price.  If this report is true (which I seriously doubt) it would be a very stupid move for Apple since it would encourage people to simply buy an iPhone in the states and get it unlocked. 

But then,  I believe that this report is bogus, since we haven't even seen an ad for the phone yet and it is mid-month.  If the iPhone was really coming out we would have already seen a commercial for it.  So this story is bogus.  Then again, maybe I'm wrong and we will see one in the next week. I'm just not going to be holding my breath for one.

1 comment:

  1. Who the heck would buy the iPhone for that ludacris price?
    Does this phone come with something that I'm unaware of, like a rent or mortgage voucher?