Sunday, October 14, 2007

Israel Tries Controversial ‘Hot Babes in Bikinis’ Campaign to Draw Tourists

Apparently, Israel has decided to begin to run a new controversial ad campaign where they are using Bikini clad models to help boost tourism. 

Whether it will boast tourism or not I'm not sure.  But I guess it does serve a purpose in showing that Israel does beaches and other areas, that are fairly nice.  But as for the models, I think I agree with the women in the video.  These ads send the wrong message.  I'm sure that some guys will go there in search of these women, but not me. 

Then again, Israel is one of the countries that I would hopefully like to visit in the future, in order to see all of the Biblical sites that I have read about in the Bible.  So, I guess I have another reason to go.  (Just Kidding)


** I forgot to mention that I spotted this video on Breitbart TV.  I don't know much about the site, but I thought I should give them a mention since this is where I found the video.

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