Monday, December 13, 2010

New Thor Trailer


Ever since the ending of Iron Man 2 there has been some anticipation for the upcoming Thor film. With the release of the first trailer and now this subsequent one, it looks like Marvel has a good thing going with their plans for the Avenger film. Each film is building on the previous to eventually give us all the film we really want. To finally see what the Avengers can do or what a superhero film can be especially if we have characters that we are all invested in and love.

Well I guess that is Marvel’s hope. Whether or not Marvel will hit their mark with the Avengers we’ll have to wait and see, but its still an interesting experiment to watch. You have to think that if Marvel was to produce a really bad film in these serious of films, it could derail the Avengers film, depending on what character it was. Perhaps that is the reason why DC hasn’t decided to follow suit with their own Justice League movie, even though people would give their right arm to see one. Whatever the reason DC decided to hold off, I’m glad that Marvel is taking the chance.

So what do you think about the Avengers film thus far? Are you excited? What do you think about the new Thor Trailer?


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