Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kinetic Piano Hack

Nice hack.

I think I should start this post by being completely upfront and honest with all of you. Ever since I’ve seen the Kinect, I’ve looked on it as a little more than a Wii copy. Sure it was more innovative than Sony’s Move, but it still essentially does the same thing as the Wii, just without the controller. I even got to see people use it before it launched last year when I went to the FanExpo. But it never really drew me in. It’s probably because anyone using it looks a bit foolish in doing so, but everyone that has used it did seem to be having a lot of fun.

To this day I’m still on the edge about the Kinect, but I do have a lot of hope that if nothing else Kinect will evolve into something more than what it is currently. Especially after viewing videos like the one above. With Microsoft stating that they will not pursue people that decide to use the Kinect on their PC, etc, there seems to be a lot of innovative ways people are finding to use Microsoft’s Kinect.

I have to wonder if one day we may ditch the mouse and keyboard for some other Kinect style interface. Or perhaps the Kinect will be used as a remote for your TV. I’m actually surprised no one has rigged a Kinect up to turn on and off lights in their homes as you come into and exit a room or to lock and unlock doors.

Perhaps Microsoft might be onto something with allowing the community to play with their device. I just wished other manufacturers were as willing to let people innovate with their produces. So what do you thing? Thinking of Hacking the Kinect?


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