Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Writer Strike is Finally Over

That's right. The strike that sent all of your favourite shows into re-runs is now over, well that is at lest if the writers vote for the deal today. Which they most likely will. But this does bring up a few questions. By now, many of us have gone for a few months without our favourite shows, so when they finally come back (in a few months) will we be watching?

All of us have had to find other activities to occupy the time that we normally devoted to our favourite shows, and so will we decide to give these new activities up? In truth some people that I have talked to are just aching for there favourite shows to come back. One women whom I work with, is a diehard Desperate Housewives fan and plans on watching it when it returns, even after I told her that she would have to wait for another couple of months. But I could imagine people giving up on TV entirely.

I most admit that I'm waiting to start watching Heroes again. I want to see what Sylar does now that he has his powers back and if Adam will escape from his grave. But some shows, that have managed to stick around through the strike have just went down hill and maybe will end up off my list of shows to watch. Like Prison Break. Was it just me or did the last 2 episodes have scenes that were just unclear or didn't make sense. Like after the first commercial, I found it weird that Michael and the escapes where being chased in the jungle during the day, when before the commercial it was night time. Also, how did the first group that went out of the tunnel all get caught and shot at, but the others where just able to get out unseen by the guards (that should have been suspicious of more prisoners escaping). Also, why did Brad go all the way around into the prison to show tunnel to the prison guards when they were pretty much standing by the hole they came out of. Finally, why where they going to let Sucre go when he had a warrant out for his arrest. It just did make sense. Although it did add to the suspense. But anyway, enough of my complaining.

So will we be watching when our show comeback? I guess we will have to wait and see. For the most part I believe we will, but I think we will see some drop offs. Then again, I could be wrong.

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