Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Was Christopher Nolan Robbed?

I kind of think so.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that all of these nominations are subjective as there is no scientific way to determine who was really better in a given year and thus it’s really up for interpretation whether or not someone is the best. That all being said, yesterday when the Oscars nominations were announced it was expected that Christopher Nolan would have received a nomination for Best Director, which did not happen.

This led me to the question, “Was Christopher Nolan Robbed? “ Looking at the list of nominations for Best Director (which by the way have only 5 nominations unlike the Best Picture category which has 10 nominations), it does include a list of directors from the most critically acclaimed films of the years, and so in many ways, I really can’t argue why these other films’ directors shouldn’t have been nominated. Also, I must admit that I haven’t gotten around to seeing some of these films yet, and with 5 nominations in this field, you have to think that it’s a pretty hard choice just who you nominate.

So should Christopher Nolan have received a nomination? I think so. I just don’t know who you should really bump off this list. What do you think? Do you think Christopher Nolan have been nominated?

***** Just an aside, I went back over the last ten years of Oscars’ nominations and one thing I noticed is that usually if the film’s director won for Best Directing the film also won for Best Picture. There were only 3 times in the last ten years were this was not the case. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Inception will not be winning Best Picture this year, well at least there is something like a 30% chance of it winning, assuming that the trend continues farther back.

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