Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The naked truth about women in Russian politics


I recently saw this clip posted to Digg's Video section and it brought some thoughts to mind about the state of politics in our country my Canada.  These women in Russia, are more or less qualified to be in the positions that they are in, but if they we were to be over here in Canada (or the US), how would we react?  Would we take them seriously or just objectify them because they are beautiful women?

I'm thinking that we wouldn't take them seriously.   Recently up here in Canada, we had a politician by the name Belinda Stronach,  that even though she was  involved in running Magna International (one of the world's major auto parts manufactures), many men were more interested in trying to get a date with her because they found here "hot", then her leadership abilities.  Whether you liked her or not, she was a smart women.  Maybe a little ambitious, but smart.  And I'm thinking if another women came along that was remotely attractive she would receive the same treatment, unlike her male counterparts.

By now you are probably thinking that there is a double standard as it comes to women.  Which there is.  But I find that it gets thrown around a lot as an excuse for bad behaviour.  Which brings me to this video.  It seems that these women politicians feel that they are having a double standard applied to them, and I don't think that there is one.  In their cases, they have appeared nude in major publication, something that I feel is below the level someone that is a leader in a country.  Call me old fashioned, but I still feel that our leaders should be people that we can all look up to as good examples of the morals and principals that our socieity holds to. 

Now these women and some other people might say that these pictures are artistic.  But I don't buy it.  No one buys "Maxim"  for its artistic value.  I feel that when some says their pictures are "artistic" after posing nude in a publication like Playboy, they are only making an excuse for what they are doing.  Which is sad since in Politics we never hear of the male leaders taking off there clothes for magazines.  So what is it about women, that makes them feel that they have to go naked to be popular?  Until women stop posing nude for these magazines, etc.  I don't think they will be ever be taken seriously when they enter office.  Then again, maybe I'm wrong and we will see males following suit.  Just imagine if George Bush posed for Playgirl.  Would he win over more women voters?  I guess we will never know.

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