Saturday, July 28, 2007

Copyright Board of Canada gives thumbs-up to "iPod tax"

Last week, ars technica reported that Copyright Board of Canada, believes that we (Canadians) should have to pay a special tax when we buy digital audio players and removable storage because they are able to hold audio files.

Now, taxes like this one aren't new to us Canadians, who we have been paying a special tax on blank Cds and tapes to help compensate artists for lost album sales due to piracy. (At lest that's what they tell us.) But, in my experience they have only worked to increase piracy, as people feel now that they are paying for there music when they by there blank CDs and so it is ok for them to pirate. (Well that's at lest what they tell me.)

And so, I just don't think that it will work. Tactics like this one by the record industry only works against them (record industry) since it erodes public sympathy and gives people excuses to keep pirating their music. So, I hope that they don't continue to move forward in this direction or they might wake up one morning to find there sales gone.

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